Opening and key note (1110-1150)

1110–1120   Opening and welcome

1120–1150   Key Note. Nikos Vogiatzis and Asterios Stergioudis (Baresquare): How Baresquare brought a chatbot to life in less than 3 months. Demystifying chatbot design and implementation – from a napkin concept in a tapas bar to EuroLeague’s Final Four Jumbotron

First full paper session (1200–1310)

1200–1215   Code hunting games: a mixed reality multiplayer treasure hunt through a conversational interface. Saverio Delpriori (University of Urbino)

1215–1230   Creating dialogues using argumentation and social practices. Frank Dignum (Utrecht University)

1230–1245   Towards open domain chatbots: A GRU architecture for data driven conversations. Åsmund Kamphaug (University of Agder)

1245–1310   World Café 1: Feedback on presented full papers in dialogue groups.

Lunch Break (1310–1415)

Second full paper session (1415–1515)

1415–1430   Politician – an imitation game. Eleni Metheniti (Saarland University)

1430–1445   A survey on chatbots and their social skills. Frank Dignum (Utrecht University)

1445–1515   World Café 2: Feedback on presented full papers in dialogue groups.

Position paper session (1530–1615)

1530–1545   Human-like, or just competent? Understanding the importance of chatbot perceptions in service encounters. Theo Arajou (University of Amsterdam); 10 min. presentation, 5 min. Q&A

1545–1600   Chatbots for loyalty: From technology push to human touch. Petter Bae Brandtzaeg (SINTEF); 10 min. presentation, 5 min. Q&A

1600–1615   The case for pushy proactive bots. Tom Feltwell (Northumbria University); 10 min. presentation, 5 min. Q&A

Coffee Break (1615–1630)

Way forward and wrap-up (1630–1730)

1630–1715   Chatbot research and design – way forward in an emerging field. Collaborative process to identify key future challenges and research priorities.

1715–1730   Wrap-up

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